Learn Software Design Principles for Building No-Code Products

You’ve learnt to use the newest no-code tool. but you are still feeling a little stuck.

You’ve used the Bubble UI Builder and created some great data entry screens. You've even mastered the Responsive Builder and your front end application is ready for desktop, tablet and mobile. You switch over to the Data tab and wonder how it all fits together. How do you connect customers to invoices? How do you connect invoices to inventory? These are all valid questions.You have many more questions too.

Whilst no-code tools have democratised software development, the principles of software design and development still remain niche and mystical.

I have put this course together to address this exact challenge.
After completing the course, you will have the complete confidence to design, build, and release software solutions built on no-code platforms.

How Software Solutions Work

Learn the basics of how software solutions work.

The Software Development Lifecycle

Understand how software solutions come to be. From inception all the way to production.

How To Design Software Solutions

Learn the best practices for design high-quality software solutions.

How To Design a User Interface

Make it easy and enjoyable for your users to interact with your software solution.

How To Design Your Business Logic

Understand how to translate the real world into software processes.

How To Design Your Data Structures

Master the art of design data structures that drive your software solutions.

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Your Instructor

Hi, I'm Günter. I have been designing, building, and implementing software solutions for over 25 years. This included configuring, customising, and implementing ERP solutions, designing and coding enterprise applications, as well as designing and implementing reporting and data analytics solutions.I think that no code technologies present us all with a fantastic opportunity. I have combined my love of emerging technologies and software experience to design and build this course.

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